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Opening Times 2022.

January 25th, 2022

Just a reminder that we are only open by appointments now post Covid.

We are no longer open on our previous hours of Monday to Saturday 10 am – 5pm and have decided on a more relaxed booking only system.

Appointments can be booked and managed on our Facebook page with the book now button at the top of  our homepage at

We offer appointments from 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Thursday  and 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday. We are currently offering Sunday appointments to cope with the additional demand for our services this year.

With us opening in the evenings and at the weekends we will have to have  some down time and shop closures on random days during the week to get the work / life balance so please message or call us during the week to check that we are open before you travel to us.

Wedding season 2022 is going to be super busy this year and we are advising sooner than later for all orders please for hire or to purchase. I can’t tell you or predict whats the latest I can leave it folks? Please just be super organised we will for the first time ever  get to a point of no more orders for  some months , that is how great the demand is at the moment , plus the additional mid week weddings to add to that demand.

If you need any guidance or advise we are as  always at the end of the phone, mobile, messenger, Facebook ,Instagram  or email.

Shop re-opening from 12th April 2021.

March 18th, 2021

As it stands at the time of writing this post  we shall be allowed to reopen our doors again from Monday 12th April 2012.

We will update any new government restrictions or changes as they happen closer to the date. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates.

There are going to be some ongoing restrictions when we reopen so please take note :

We have not yet decided if to revert back to our normal hours of 10 am to 5 pm , Monday to Saturday or to just open by appointments , again we will keep you posted. If we open by appointments there will be evening appointments available.

Masks will still be required to be worn at all times unless exempt , and hand sanitiser must be used .There are several bottles around the shop.

Appointments will be limited to 4 people for each appointment and limited to an hour.We will have to be strict with this to allow enough time to sanitise areas.

We request that children are not brought at this time unless needed to be measured please.

We will still operate a closed door policy meaning the door will be locked behind you to prevent anyone else entering the shop during your visit. As our shop is a long narrow premises this will be the best policy for your safety. In the event  of rain we will allow our next appointment into the shop to wait by the door, they will then exit to allow you to exit before coming back in for their appointment.

Appointments can be booked on our Facebook page with the book now button. By phone  or by email.

We are expecting a busy time when we reopen so things are going to have  be different from our normal service  that we provide due to Covid. Please try to be focused  and try to achieve what you came for during your appointment. I will be aware of the time and when my next appointment is due and I may have to rush you at times (something we never do! ) please bear with us as we try to cater for everyone during these difficult times.Please respect us and our other customers at all times as we all try to get use to the new normal.

Lock down closures 2021

January 5th, 2021
So sadly here we are again #Lockdown3 and to adhere to the Government guidelines we shall be closed again until further notice.
I have already contacted some of you to cancel appointments , and plan to contact everyone else over the next couple of days.
We do have some weddings days booked during lock down as well and we will also be in contact soon to see how we can move forward with your wedding plans.
Please be patient with us as we try to handle all the changes to your orders yet again. We expect more to come in in the coming weeks.
If you are planning to get married this year it’s going to be a bumper year with weddings happening any day of the week. This is going to cause a huge demand for stock so early planning is essential please.

Latest Corona virus update November 2020

November 2nd, 2020

Saddened, but not surprised that lock down is on it’s way yet again so we shall be closed from this Thursday 5th November to 2nd December or until further guidance from the UK government.

We will be open for appointments only this Monday -Wednesday between 11 am – 7 pm . or

We will be in contact with you , if not done so already regarding appointments that have been booked in with us during this period.

We can be contacted by mobile 07886424113 , email and our social media accounts if you have any questions or enquiries.

If you are planning to get married or an elopement ,funeral , Xmas party in December we can normally arrange suits within 48 hours.

Watch this space for updates , news and new products our new A/W 2020 suits are in store .

Stay safe and make the most of lock down with your families and why not use the time to continue with your wedding planning?

Face coverings must be worn in all shops from Friday 24th July 2020.

July 23rd, 2020

So tomorrow is the big day for change in shops, Friday 24th July. 2020.
In accordance with the new guidelines EVERYONE has to wear a Face covering when entering a shop. Due to the nature of our business appointments can last an hour or more ( not like just popping in for a Latte) so even more essential. All customers will also be required to use the hand santizer (That is not a request it will be insisted on please)
We are still limiting customer groups to 4 people per visit at this time.And appointments are essential.
These rules are to protect everyone , we shall also be wearing masks , gloves to measure and sometimes face shields . We may relax these when we are behind our protective screen on our shop counter to do the paperwork.
Due to the long narrow layout of our shop we will lock the door during your visit to ensure we don’t get any walk ins off the street .Social distancing is difficult in some parts of our shop.
Unless you or a member of your party has a valid reason to not wear a mask we will not enter into debate over the matter and if you refuse to wear a mask we may refuse your appointment . Forgot your mask or require gloves ? , no problem we are all adjusting to the new normal ( we may have these for you to use for your visit) .
Our aim is to keep you and your family safe during these times as well as ourselves .Stay safe!
#wewillbeatcorona #staysafe #weddinscornwall

Visiting the showroom and what we are doing to adhere to guidelines during the Covid-19 Pandemic

June 8th, 2020

The UK government have stated that non essential shops like ours can reopen our doors to the public from Monday 15th June 2020.Yippee!

Although we are glad to be opening our doors again it will now have to be with some restrictions in place to start with, so we will be open on an appointment basis only . On arrival you will receive a warm welcome and will be carefully guided through other current procedures to help keep us all efficient and safe.

If you or any of your attendees feel unwell or are displaying symptoms, we politely ask you to reschedule your appointment for in a few weeks time.

The layout of our shop is a long narrow shop  so we will have to  limit the amount of people to visit at any time to 4 people at any one time(no children at the moment please).But we are 1500 sq ft inside so plenty of room to keep some distance. The shop will remain closed during your visit to prevent any other customers from walking in without an appointment.

We will insist that you and team members  use hand santizer available in  store for your use. Team members will be equipped with gloves , face masks and face shields  during your visit (face shields will only be used for measuring purposes as social distancing  will be difficult). We may have  some limited  face masks for your use (but cannot be guaranteed). Our toilets and hand washing facilities will be closed during your visit for the moment (Sorry) but I am sure you will understand why. We will be following guidelines on cleaning  and this will be done in between each appointment .To help us with this important process, please refrain from touching or handling stock and general areas as much as possible.

We normally provide shirts for customers to try on but at this time we suggest that customers bring their own clean shirt if they require one to try on with any of our suits.All tried on suits will be placed on a rail and cleaned with an industrial steamer that we have in store to prevent  cross contamination. We will try to allow 72 hours before putting these items back into stock.

(New customers) If you would like us to dress a mannequin with your ideas instead of trying on, this is also an option and is very effective in visualising your perfect outfit.

(Existing wedding orders) We are able to measure anything up to 2 week before your wedding date for hire outfits, this is an option for adults or boys.

Some of our customers have orders with us  that they wish to collect , we will need to arrange a time for collection. We prefer that any outstanding payments if possible to be paid for by card over the phone or bank transfer prior to collect. On arrival please knock on the door and we will open the door  and stand  away from the door , your items will be on a rail by the door for you to collect , if you would like a team member to take the items to your vehicle let us know , exit the shop and we will take the items to your vehicle for you.

With most wedding postponing to next year at the moment we have taken the decision to not alter any items brought until closer to your new wedding date. A lot can change in a year! We advise getting back in touch with us 4-6 before your wedding to arrange for any alterations.

If you would like to book an appointment to view our collections please  contact us by phone , email or social media.

Stay safe.


Corona virus outbreak.

March 29th, 2020

Due to the U.K government  lock down to help contain the Corona virus  we have been forced to close our shop until further notice.

We await details from the government as to when we will be allowed to reopen to the public and if there will be any restrictions put in place  when we do.

As you can imagine these are unprecedented times and we do not know how long this lock down will continue , and new details are emerging daily as this virus outbreak continues.

The U.K government restrictions have prevented our April 2020 weddings being able to go ahead  and we expect most of our May 2020  weddings to also postpone to a later date this year or next year. How many of our other weddings that will be affected is unsure at this moment in time.

If you are one of our customers and you feel the need to postpone your wedding please contact us as soon as you can . We do not expect  to experience any difficulties in re-arranging your suit orders placed with us to a later date. The more notice you can give us the easier it will be to plan the  hire logistics.If you have purchased your suits from us most of our suppliers are also closed at this time , so unfortunately for the moment there will be no deliveries.

Any deposits payed will be carried forward with your order to your new wedding date , there will be no charges or additional costs incurred to move your order to a new date.Except for some of your suits can be dispatched  to us up to 12 days before your wedding and will be charged for if not cancelled prior to dispatch.

Keep a look out on our social media pages for updates , new images of our hire and our retail suits and just some general inspiration for when your wedding plans  do get back on track.

If you have any questions or if you are unsure on anything please feel free to contact us. We will only sometimes be in the shop over the coming weeks so it would be best to contact us by email or Facebook message over this period.

Until then we hope that  you and your families will stay safe and healthy, see you on the other side.

Dinner suits for Christmas parties and New year 2019.

December 12th, 2019

We hold a selection of dinner suits from stock available for immediate hire.

If we don’t have your size in stock we can get it in within 24-48 hours.

We offer a two piece dinner suit ,wing dress shirt and bow tie or plain collar shirt and tie.Cuff links ,suit bag and an accidental damage waiver  (A.D.W) all in for £55. Waistcoats can be added from £20 , shoes from £10.

We have a large range of other suits to purchase in stock. Plus a full range of accessories.

New opening times until the new year.

November 2nd, 2018

As the wedding season comes to an end we normally reduce our opening hours during November & December each year.

We are open Monday to Saturday except from Wednesday when we shall be closed.

We open  at about 10 am each day  if no appointments until 4 pm , appointments are available up to 5 pm.

Alan does not offer the Wednesday late opening during this period either.

Holiday closures & Christmas hours to be announced at a later date.

We will be closed on Saturday 1st September 2018.

August 31st, 2018

Hi folks , we have a wedding to attend on Saturday 1st September , so we will be closed for the day.This rarely happens so sorry!

Back to normal opening hours on Monday folks!

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