Face coverings must be worn in all shops from Friday 24th July 2020.

So tomorrow is the big day for change in shops, Friday 24th July. 2020.
In accordance with the new guidelines EVERYONE has to wear a Face covering when entering a shop. Due to the nature of our business appointments can last an hour or more ( not like just popping in for a Latte) so even more essential. All customers will also be required to use the hand santizer (That is not a request it will be insisted on please)
We are still limiting customer groups to 4 people per visit at this time.And appointments are essential.
These rules are to protect everyone , we shall also be wearing masks , gloves to measure and sometimes face shields . We may relax these when we are behind our protective screen on our shop counter to do the paperwork.
Due to the long narrow layout of our shop we will lock the door during your visit to ensure we don’t get any walk ins off the street .Social distancing is difficult in some parts of our shop.
Unless you or a member of your party has a valid reason to not wear a mask we will not enter into debate over the matter and if you refuse to wear a mask we may refuse your appointment . Forgot your mask or require gloves ? , no problem we are all adjusting to the new normal ( we may have these for you to use for your visit) .
Our aim is to keep you and your family safe during these times as well as ourselves .Stay safe!
#wewillbeatcorona #staysafe #weddinscornwall

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