Wedding Dresses and Bridal Gowns

We are no longer offering orders on our gowns in other sizes for customers.We are  now only selling our bridal gowns off the rails to purchase.

(This does not affect any existing orders that have already been placed with us).

We have about 25 bridal gowns left on our rails size 10- 26 , all new  with prices from £299- £749. A limited selection but some bargains to be had. Why you may ask? We are going entirely men’s wear only to hire or to purchase. Sorry ladies.


Anne offers a full in -house fitting service  this  excellent service is only for gowns brought from us, we do not alter gowns purchased else where.

Sorry, we will no longer  offer a alteration service for any bridal gown  or bridesmaids dress brought after 1st October 2021.