Royal Ascot suit hire 2018.

Our Royal Ascot collection will ensure you are dressed impeccably for the most prestigious event in the racing calendar. Choose from our hand-selected range of morning suits, tailcoats and top hats crafted from the finest materials.

We offer  tailcoats in several cloths and colours from the traditional black herringbone with contrasting stripe trousers to a cooler 2 or 3 piece  light weight option.

Waistcoats are also obligatory, but here Ascot allows a little eccentricity! In the past, buff or grey waistcoats would have been traditionally worn. Now however, colour is far more acceptable, and it’s here that you can let your personality show.

Cravats are a definite no-no. To avoid error wear a tightly knotted tie, for example a half Windsor knot. Again, be adventurous with your colours but steer away from matching your tie and waistcoat together, after all this is not a wedding. If you want to wear a patterned tie, we would advise you to wear a single colour waistcoat to dodge overkill (and vice versa).

Last, but by no means least, a top hat must be worn at all times, unless you are in a restaurant, private box or private club. For this both black and grey are equally suitable, although it has been said that those who really know what they are doing, go for black.

We can supply you with the full outfit for the day , with lots available from stock. Top hats in Black can be hired on their own to match your own outfit.

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